Indian Hospital

Indian Hospital

Indian hospital helps in the medical tourism industry in India, where it has the world-class medical tourism industry with an extraordinary medical treatment. The charges are extensively less than those in developed countries like USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Paris, etc. The success percentages of delivering the health tourism have been excellent. There are some reasonable Indian hospital and recommended private hospitals in India; places including Gurgaon, Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Hyderabad, etc. that provide better healthcare service at an affordable cost. These clinics/hospitals have the high-grade doctors and staffs along with the best technology in the world.

These Indian hospitals providing the health care services and are the best medical tourism industry in India:

AIIMS (All India Institutes of Medical Sciences)-Afya Huduma
AIIMS is located in the capital of India, Delhi. It is one of the oldest medical healthcare of India and was founded 1956. For Institutes of National Importance, these institutes have been declared by an Act of Parliament. Its motto is to exhibit a pattern of training in medical scholarship & learning in all its departments so as to provide the proficient standard of medical education to all medical institutes. AIIMS is specialized in providing heart surgery, cardiology, orthopaedics, plastic surgery, general surgery, etc.

Apollo Hospital

Apollo Hospitals - Afya Huduma
The Apollo Hospitals was founded and established in 1983 by Dr Prathap C Reddy. Apollo Hospital is the first corporate hospital of India and is praised for exploring the private healthcare revolution & evolution in the country. Apollo has a strong presence across the healthcare services, including Pharmacies, Hospitals, Diagnostic Clinics, and Primary Care. The Apollo Group has medical tourism services units across more than 10 countries.

Fortis Healthcare

Fortis Healthcare Limited (FHL) - Afya Huduma
Fortis Healthcare Limited (FHL) was founded in 2001 by Malvinder Mohan Singh. The headquarters of Fortis healthcare is located in Gurgaon. The Fortis is now serving best medical tourism in India along with Singapore, Malaysia, Hongkong, UAE, Australia, and Vietnam. It has some of the most famous doctors across the country and well-trained experts.

Max Hospital Gurgaon

Max Healthcare - Afya Huduma
The Max Healthcare was established in 2001. The founder of Max Hospital healthcare is Analjit Singh. Its headquarters is in Delhi. The Max offers healthcare services along with the Medical Institute. Its specialists have healed over 6 lakh patients over 27+ works like Minimal Access and Laparoscopic Surgery, Cardiac Sciences, Urology, Neurosciences, Aesthetics, Orthopaedics, Nephrology, and Reconstructive Surgery.

Medanta- The Medicity Gurgaon

Medanta medical institution - Afya Huduma
Medanta medical institution was founded in 2009 by Sunil Sachdeva and Naresh Trehan. It is a multi-expert medical tourism institute in Gurgaon (India). The main vision of Medanta is to bring the highest & top standards of medical treatment, surgery, facilitator. The Medanta institute includes a medical and nursing school, research centre, medical tourism provider. It has more than 1300 beds and with 40+ operation theatres providing over 20 specializations.

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