About Us

Afya Huduma is based in Gurugram, Haryana (India). Afya Huduma is one of the leading medical tourism providers in India. Afya Huduma found and established in 2015, expertise in providing health treatment, hospitals or affordable health packages. Over the last four years, Afya Huduma has been experiencing & focusing on providing end-to-end medical treatment in India as well as international medical tourism. In the past few years, we delivered the best healthcare services in India.

Our Vision

To build a mutual relationship with the client, someone has to understand what they are looking for? Afya Huduma’s main vision is to take care of them who are living in different countries like Tanzania, United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and would like to have medical treatment/tourism in India. We also cater to help you to get an information about the best surgery hospitals, plastic surgery, a global healthcare, and comprehensive medical tourism. We’re dedicated to helping the customer 24 x 7 Emergency services. Meanwhile, our mission is to keep you healthy and fit.

Our Mission

Provide the stable and positive growth of the Medical Tourism and Healthcare Industry
 To aware of the high-quality healthcare treatment
Provide an ethical source of information for patients, insurance companies and about the top hospitals, their     quality of care
To provide complete healthcare treatment
To provide overseas medical treatment services

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